The original idea of Street Music was to register a domain for a band to create an email account and avoid gmail and live (no offense to those using these or similar services). From there the ideas started rolling… in what way could the site support the drummer who is involved in 3 bands manage each persons availability and therefor each band? This site is being developed in response to this!

The story behind the name is just as crazy. It actually came as a typo from, once again, the drummer. In response to requests for a domain the drummer sent through stmusic, a typo as he forgot the “g” as he was thinking stgmusic. The original pronunciation was Saint Music… however the saxophonist thought that this left out other towns. It was then that she suggested that St could actually be Street. This actually fitted better with the direction we were wanting this site to go – a place where not only bands could share their gigs and availability, but also the musicians individually. By sharing the availability of musicians, it’s hoped that we can encourage musicians to gather, either to gig for an event or just to gather for some practice with fellow musicians.

Currently the calendar side of the site is in need of further development, but we are continually looking at options that are available to help us to develop this space – unfortunately the web services currently available are not flexible enough to cover our grand idea but we are still looking and working on developing this aspect of the site.

Check out the bands listed on the band page and support gigs when you can! If you are interested in having a band for an event please contact Ben on 0437 633 485 to discuss your requirements.

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