Likeside are a six piece ska punk band from Brisbane. They play the punk side of ska and the rock side of reggae!!

Chris O’Connor grew up in the ska punk scene in Brisbane & Sydney in the late 90’s where he played in backyard bands. As a keen songwriter he was stoked to meet guitarist & vocalist Eric Thomas who had also written a heap of catchy songs. They got together with drummer & percussionist Bill Thew and bassist & vocalist Phillip Bel. With their eyes set on something slightly offbeat they found Trombonist & Trumpeter Dave Murtough and Tenor Saxophonist Adam Owens added just what they needed to bring divergence to the rock punk sounds.

In October 2018, Likeside launched their debut album “Hide it well” with diverse genres such as alternative rock songs “Hide it Well” and “One More Push”, folky smoothness of “Flood Plain”, reggae ska vibes with “Hangin’ onto” and “Losin’ it”. Below are some highlights from the launch (their first ever gig):

The 10 track album is available to stream or purchase:

Likeside have a big live show with wall of sound built on rock and horns, amped up drums. Punchy vocals and thumping bass. Likeside had a busy 2019 with few months of gig dates around Brisbane where they brought a crew of friends.

Our music has been influenced by Green Day, Rancid, NOFX, The Offspring, Muse and The Ramones.

For bookings, please email Chris at