Event Tips

What works well and what doesn’t when it comes to having a live band at an event?

Band Placement
There are lost of considerations when thinking about placement of the band:

  • Staging – a flat level area is required for us to set up on, depending on the band composition will depend on the size of this area. Concrete for outdoors is preferred as this helps us to secure leads and ensure equipment is stable.
  • Power – the band need this to run all their equipment. We generally only require 1x 10 Amp circuit, however we prefer not to share this with any other equipment to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. Bain-Maries, urns, motors (cold room, jumping castles), etc can all cause interference with our equipment so please try and keep them on a seperate circuit
  • Shade – for outdoor events, the sun can cause real problems. From overheating equipment to overheating musicians everything on stage feels the effects of the sun.
  • General Layout – band, dance floor, bar, serving tables, dining tables, ticket tables, chairs, there are lots of things competing for space at an event. In front of the band is the best place for the dance floor which is generally a given, however distance from the bar is something that also needs consideration. If the band is too far from the bar we have found that people will just bop at the bar rather than moving to the dance floor. Fire buckets/pits also need special consideration as the band will struggle to play if being covered in smoke!
  • Advertising – once you’ve had a confirmation from your band a logo can be provided for use in event advertising. Also, we are more than happy to share your event information on our Facebook page – just let us know once it’s up and we’ll happily share your post to our page!

Announcements and Draws
Generally we’ve found it better not to interrupt sets with announcements or raffle draws, these are a great filler for when the band takes a break.
If an announcement does need to be made during a band set, talk with the tech rather than the lead singer even though this will be the person making space for the announcement. Our musicians may have have headsets in to hear their music mix and may struggle to hear you, the tech however is generally more available for these messages.